Matteo’s Weight Loss Program Goes on TV

So y’all may be wondering what’s been happening to Hashtag Baseball Boy while I’ve been busy writing about the World Series.

Last Wednesday, the same night as that gosh awful game 2 that the Dodgers lost, the next episode of At Home with Maya with me in it aired. That was the episode where they launched Matteo’s weight loss program, so they showed the film of me working with my pupil in the gym. They kept the film of me and Jacob in the pool for the following week, so I didn’t appear shirtless…but I had shorts on, so you could see my legs, and, at one point, Ethan made me take my mask off. So the audience got to see plenty of Hashtag Baseball Boy.

That set off a huge reaction on Maya’s Facebook page. Once I got noticed with my shirt off, people were noticing me with my shirt on as well. Seems like ball player legs go over well on TV. I was kinda prepared for that, so it was mostly ok. But I was less ok with a bunch of comments about, well, about my butt…and I seriously didn’t like having the adjective ‘juicy’ attached to it. I wanted to put ‘lol’ there, but, well, I really didn’t like it. Maybe because it seems so gayass, although Destiny assured me that “most of the comments about your ass came from women.” She didn’t tell me how many ‘most’ was, however.

After that it was a relief when Destiny (who likes girls) told me she didn’t care about my butt one way or the other.

So remember how Sandy said that there might be so much negative reaction to putting Matteo’s diet on the show that they might drop the idea? She wasn’t totally right about that, but there was some negative reaction. Some people wrote on Facebook that Matteo was too young to be put on a diet, and that, while some exercise would be good for him, he didn’t need to be in the gym 3 times a week.

Some of the people who said that Matteo should just be allowed to do stuff outside with Baseball Boy (not all the people who wrote in called me that…some of them called me his ‘trainer’, which y’all know I like a lot less than Baseball Boy)…like I think he should be doing. “Just let him run around and the weight will come off,” wrote one woman, while another said “Baseball Boy should know how to keep him active; that’s all he needs. I just wish I had Baseball Boy to make me run around the yard.” And a third said: “they’ve got that huge pool, let Matteo go swimming…and give us more of Baseball Boy in his bathing suit!!!”.

Ok, y’all get the idea.

There were a couple seriously negative comments that I think went a little too far, comments that said what a terrible mother Maya was to be putting her kid through what the called child abuse. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that, since I think Destiny took that comment down, but Robert said I could write what I wanted, and that’s part of the story. (I just looked; I was wrong about Destiny taking it down. I reckon they leave up more of the negative comments than I thought because, well, it’s a reality show and the negative comments must make it seem more real.)

The comments I liked the most were the ones that said that Matteo wasn’t that fat in the first place. One of them even said that, if Maya wanted someone to lose 15 pounds, it ought to be Robert, not Matteo. Robert is a little soft around the middle, it’s true, but that’s normal for a dude his age. I don’t think they needed to pick on him, but Destiny told me to get used to it: there are people out there who’ll write anything online.

All of that said, the majority (I don’t think you can say that it was an overwhelming majority, but Destiny assured me it’s definitely a majority) of the postings were positive about Matteo’s weight loss program. A couple people were mean about it, and I seriously hope Matteo doesn’t see their comments, but mostly people said that, yeah, Matteo needed to lose weight, and that it was good that Maya was taking charge of her son’s health. Some thought that Matteo could be an inspiration to their own overweight kids, and a few said they were going to put their kids on Matteo’s diet (which you can find on I’m a little worried about people putting their growing kids on 850 calories a day without a doctor or a nutritionist keeping an eye on the process, but, although I’ve never had to go on one, I know there are a lot of fucked up diets out there.

So they’re definitely not going to stop Matteo’s weight loss program, since most of the viewers (or at least the viewers who post on Maya’s Facebook page and her Twitter account) are in favor of the idea.

Since I’m reporting on the whole story, I might as well say that the response to my part in the process has been – according to both Destiny and Sandy – “overwhelmingly positive”. Even the people who felt that the exercise program was too much said that Matteo was lucky to have someone like me to work with…and not because of how I look in basketball shorts. (Ok, maybe not only because of how I look in basketball shorts.) I apparently come off as “sympathetic”, “super nice”, “kind” and “warmhearted” and shit like that. I’m just trying to be nice to the kid. It’s also not a 9 year old’s fault that he’s gotten a little heavy. I know he hates going outside and running around – having a brother like Jacob who’s so obviously a jock might have that effect on you. Still, I can’t help but think that maybe Maya and Richard should have done something about Matteo before they had to do something drastic like they’re doing now.

Destiny set up a Twitter account for me — @HunterBlock11 – but then told me that she and the social media team would be in charge of it. I said, whoa, I didn’t want things going out in my name without my having some say about them, and that got her to agree that I should at least be able to see the tweets that got sent out under my name. Still, let me tell everyone who really wants to follow Hunter Block that the blog is the place to do it. The Twitter account is just a way to promote the show, and, honestly, I’d be happier if it weren’t there. But apparently there’s something in my contract that says I have to go along with it, and, as long as I get a look at what’s being tweeted, I reckon I’m ok with it. Destiny seems pretty cool, and I don’t think she’d tweet something too lameass. So far she hasn’t tweeted much of anything, just “hey y’all welcome to my Twitter” or some shit like that. She said they’re thinking about which way to go with my social media ‘persona’ – which I guess has to match my persona on the TV…which may or may not having a whole lot to do with what I’m like in real life. Not that I’m acting on the show or anything…it’s just that, well, people already seem to be seeing stuff about me (like my cringeass juicy butt…) that has more to do with how they think about me than how I am. I’ve said so little on the show up until now that no one’s even commented on my accent…and one thing I know about Yankees is that they always comment on a Southern accent lol.

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