The Painting Sells

Meanwhile, Sabrina’s show opened in the gallery on the 20th (that’s the same night as the first game of the World Series, just to put it into context.) Sabrina joked to me that they would have set the price of “Portrait of a Baseball Player” higher if they’d known that the model was going to be a reality TV star. As it was, the picture was priced at $9,500. I say ‘was’ because it’s sold already. It didn’t sell the very first day of the show, but it did sell the first week, apparently to someone who was at the opening night party.

Me and Joyce didn’t go to the gallery until Thursday afternoon, after I was done with Matteo and Jacob, since there was no baseball that night. Hey, I’ve got my priorities lol. A couple people there recognized me from the painting (it wasn’t hard: Sabrina painted me to look like me) while we were there and it was ok…although the purchaser wasn’t there. It was interesting seeing the painting in the context of the rest of Sabrina’s work, a lot of which I thought I liked…but I gotta be honest and admit that I don’t know a whole lot about what makes a painting good (or worth $9,500.)

And who bought the painting, y’all may wonder? Good question. They wouldn’t tell me, although the gallery owner did tell me that it was a major art collector who didn’t live in Southern California, owned several other of Sabrina’s paintings…and was married and…yeah, they told me this…straight.

I don’t know why, but, after all the #baseballboy stuff, that kinda came as a relief.

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