A May 23rd Coincidence

Ok…do y’all remember when me and Keaton went to Disneyland last year – and going down Splash Mountain got Keaton to admit that Disneyland wasn’t as gay as he thought? While we were there, we ran into a dude who I knew because he wrote a great blog explaining bitcoin. Turned out it was his birthday, May 23. We hung out with him and a Mexican family while waiting for the awesome fireworks, and the Mexican family sang him that long Mexican birthday song. (That’s the one I got Alicia to sing to Keaton on his birthday this year.)

So I went to get a coffee at the Starbucks next to where Keaton lives tonight, and you’ll never guess who I ran into there. The bitcoin blog dude. What are the odds?

The coincidence was even bigger, since it was his birthday again. I’ll admit I didn’t remember and he had to tell me, but I still wished him a Happy Birthday. I went further. That Starbucks is like a library with everyone working on their computers, so I didn’t want to disturb everyone. But I did get the baristas to sing “Happy Birthday.” Our version, not the Mexican one lol.

Then I sat down with the dude to have my coffee. I didn’t know him too well, but he always seemed cool to me. We talked about the Dodgers a little; he’s a huge Corey Seager fan and thinks he’ll be out of his slump very soon. Then we started talking about telling other people it’s your birthday. He clearly is like me: he tells everyone when his birthday is coming up so people will wish him a Happy Birthday.

Keaton, y’all will remember, is the exact opposite…and is still telling me that it was super gay of me to publicize my birthday back in November. (That’s the reason I made sure we made a big deal in public of Keaton’s birthday. He deserved it. And don’t forget it’s January 28 lol.)

So the dude – funny, but I never got his name – told me he thought Keaton was being ridiculous. Birthdays don’t come too often…so they should be celebrated. It’s nice to have a day like that. Like the dude said, you got through all of last year, and, in today’s world, that’s an achievement. Then I couldn’t believe it when the dude told me he was turning 55. I’d have guessed he was closer to 40 in jeans, a tshirt and a hoodie. Most of the people I’ve met who are 55 look a lot older.

So we got back to the birthday thing:

“Your buddy really says it’s gay?”

“He says a lot of shit is gay. But he really is wrong about the birthday thing.”

“Thing is, I got some bad news for you, man.”

“What,” I asked.

“I’m gay. So I guess telling people about your birthday might be gay after all. I’m not helping your side of the argument.”

I laughed. I had a hunch he was gay, but he wasn’t acting all gayass or anything. Not only did he have a Dodgers hat, he had a blue Vancouver Canucks hoodie on too. (He had a real cool Dodgers hat, too: it had the LA logo on the back so you could see it when you had the hat on backwards. I asked; he said he got it from hatland.com.) And he didn’t come on to me, either.

We didn’t hang out for a long time, just enough to finish our coffees. He’s a cool guy (it sucks I didn’t get his name…was it Mike or something like that?), and I reckoned he liked the Happy Birthday chorus from the baristas. I’d have liked it on my birthday.

That’s on November 8. But don’t worry. I’ll remind y’all about it before then.

And Happy Birthday again to the bitcoin blog dude!

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