Dating Bridgit (last part)

Like I’ve been telling you, sophomore year at MT I dated a girl named Bridgit with whom I had some pretty amazing sexual chemistry. That was the first time I experienced something like that, and so we became a couple even though I reckon we weren’t too compatible otherwise.

College is a communal experience, and, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you usually introduce them to your friends and then maybe do things as a group. Ok, so that was not the case with Bridgit. I introduced her exactly once to some of my buddies on the baseball team. Y’all remember how meeting Monica exactly once was more than enough for Keaton to decide she was a bitch he wanted nothing to do with? That’s how Jackson and my other buddies reacted to Bridgit. And, I’m sorry, but it was Bridgit’s fault. I think it’s pretty well accepted that Southerners are friendly. Baseball players are usually a pretty friendly bunch too; my experience is that we pride ourselves on that. So Southern ball players are gonna be super friendly, and that’s how we were the time we went out with Bridgit to get something to eat. Jackson and a few of the other guys I haven’t told you about were there, along with some of their girlfriends. It wasn’t all couples, just a group of maybe 10 of us around a couple tables at Wingstop. It was all pretty nice and friendly…except for Bridgit. She made herself so fuckin obnoxious to everyone there that I was actually embarrassed to have brought her.

Looking back, I think I realize she was meaner to the other girls than she was to the guys. I know that chicks can be hateful with each other, and that’s exactly how Bridgit was with the other chicks there that night. I don’t know why she thought she was so much better than they were: she was dating a jock too, just like they were, but, on the way home, she kept going on and on about how dumb a girl has to be if she’s going to date a baseball player. (I really wanted to say, ‘um…bitch…you’re dating one too.”) She kept putting everyone down the whole time.

And then it came time to pay. That was another scene she made.

I told y’all that she always insisted that we split the check whenever we went out. And not just down the middle. Each of us had to pay for exactly what we ordered…and then she decided how much tip we were going to leave. (Dad taught me to tip 20% and that was all there was to it. He worked as a waiter when he was in college and was sensitive to how important tips were to waiters. That’s maybe where I got my thing about tipping car valets generously after I parked cars for a while in high school. And, please, no Troy Bolton jokes about that lol.) In the group we went out with, it was pretty standard for the guys to treat the girls and then divide the cost up between ourselves. But…no…that wasn’t good enough for Bridgit, who insisted that she pay for herself. Y’all can maybe imagine how complicated a scene that made when it came time to pay. But Bridgit I think liked it when it was complicated and a lot of people got to see that she wanted to pay for her own half of the date. I just found it embarrassing. My buddies just thought she was being a bitch…and that I was letting her lead me around by my balls.

That wasn’t (okay, that wasn’t exactly) the case, and I laid into her pretty hard when we got in the car to drive back to campus. I told her that she’d been a bitch and embarrassed me in front of my friends, and who did she think she was thinking she was so much better than them and their girlfriends. It got pretty heated and we were both yelling at each other by the time we got back to her room.

I reckon I could have left her there and driven back to where I was living, but, no, I went upstairs…and we had some of the hottest angry sex of my life. So it was ok between us…except that I never tried to introduce her to any of my friends ever again.

She never even bothered even introducing me to any of her friends. I think she was ashamed at having a good-looking jock boyfriend, since most of her friends were that kind of ‘intellectual’ type that thinks they’re better than everyone else. Kinda exactly like Bridgit. From what I could make out from what she said, a lot of her friends were big time feminists like she was, and they certainly wouldn’t have taken to me. Not that I don’t like women or anything, but, well, I’m pretty old-school and think that the dude should pay and hold the car door when the woman gets in. That’s just how I was raised and those are habits it’s hard to get out of.

There was never a breakup between me and Bridgit. We just got to the end of the school year, I went home (and then away to a baseball program for college players for a month…kinda like baseball camp for dudes in their early 20s) and she went back to her home too and texted back and forth for a few weeks before we both lost interest. We just drifted apart, which is a very good way to end a relationship.

And we didn’t end on bad terms, either – the proof of which is that Bridgit was one of the 30 girls I slept with to win my bet with Jackson senior year. Bridgit was also the only one of the 30 who knew that I was trying to win a bet. She got all feminist and angry at me when she found out.

You can imagine how good the sex was that night lol.

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