Dating Bridgit (part 2)

My sophomore year at MT I got involved with a girl named Bridgit I met in a sociology class I was taking. I sat next to her for one of the lectures, and I asked for her phone number on the way out. She gave it to me…then asked me to call her phone so she could get mine right away.

Only thing: she used ‘Troy Bolton’ instead of ‘Hunter Block’ when she filled out the contact screen.

I didn’t have time to answer, since I did have another class, and it was a long way from Jones Hall. I called Bridgit that night, though. She answered, which I took to be a sign that she was interested.


“Hello, Bridgit. This is Troy Bolton.”

Apparently that wasn’t so funny when I said it, or so she thought. I thought I was being real cute.

“You don’t even look that much like him,” she said.

“Hey…I’m not the one who started it. I’m more used to getting Justin Bieber.”

“You’re not helping your case,” she said. “I’m not sure I want to go out with a guy who’s prettier than I am.”

I was a little taken aback, but I came up with the right answer:

“Then you’re thinking about going out with me?”


When a chick says ‘maybe’ like that, you know you’ve won the battle. And, sure enough, by the time that first phone conversation was finished, I had a date to meet Bridgit for coffee a couple days later.

It was typical of Bridgit that she’d make a date to meet me in the middle of the day, so we wouldn’t be able to jump into bed right away. I was definitely thinking about doing just that, but she was into messing with my head…and I gotta admit I was kinda liking it. So we met and had our coffees…and she shook my hand and didn’t say anything about ever seeing me again.

I’d say taking Bridgit out for coffee made her a cheap date, but it was even cheaper than I expected it would be. She insisted we pay for our own coffees. I couldn’t remember a chick ever insisting that she pay for her part of a date. I’ve had chicks offer every once in a while, and Shoshanah would sometimes pay for one of our half-mushroom half-sausage pizzas, but this was different. I mean, the dude at the register had already rung up our coffees together and she made him void the transaction and ring them up separately. This also was just a little campus coffee place, not a Starbucks, so the coffees weren’t even that expensive.

I figured it was a first date kinda thing with Bridgit, if that even was a first date. I reckoned that if we started seeing each other more regularly, we’d probably be back to me paying for things like I was used to.

I waited a few days before calling Bridgit again. I didn’t want to seem too eager, and, honestly, I wasn’t dying to see her again. I mean, I’d decided that she was pretty hot after all, but I wasn’t losing sleep over her…and I still had a little thing ( a very little thing) going with the chick who’d made me late for the class I met Bridgit in. I wasn’t starved for vitamin F, in other words.

Still, there was something about Bridgit…

So I called her, and tried to be funny again:

“Hello, Bridgit with an I? This is Justin Bieber. My buddy Troy Bolton said I should call you and…”

“I get it, Hunter. It’s only funny when I do it. When you do it, it comes off conceited.”

It was hardly like I’d started the Zac Efron jokes, and the fact is that, aside from the blue eyes, I don’t think I look that much like him. I’ve got way lighter hair and I’m taller than he is. Ok, I’ll admit that I had kind of a Troy Bolton haircut at one point in high school, but it took a lot of work to get my hair to look like that…and then I’d put on a ball cap and mess it all up. That haircut was history long before I went away to college.

“Are you calling me to ask me out again? I was going to wait another day and ask you out.”

“Oh,” I said, a little confused, “then do you want me to hang up so you can call me then?”

“No,” she said. “It boils down to the same thing. We’re splitting the check regardless of who asks whom.”

I’m never sure when it’s ‘who’ and when it’s ‘whom’, so I usually just say ‘who’ – but I remember dang well that Bridgit said ‘whom’ a lot.

By the end of the phone call, we scheduled a second date, at night this time, although Bridgit had me so mixed up that I honestly don’t know who asked who…I mean whom lol.

Murfreesboro is a college town, which means that it has a lot of places where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get dinner. It’s not a fancy restaurant town, and my experience of college dates is that they’re pretty laid-back and you don’t have to spend an hour getting ready for them. At least that’s how I felt about them most of the time. College guys don’t usually have a ton of money to spend on girls. While Mom and Dad gave me a good allowance for what Dad always called “entertainment”, it wouldn’t have gone very far if I was spending a hundred bucks just to take a chick out to dinner.

So my second date with Bridgit was at this pizza place I really liked and where you could sit and talk for a while. Nothing at all fancyass about it, although I dressed a little better than just a tshirt and a baseball cap. I had a buttondown blue shirt at the time that was just the same color as my eyes…and it was kind of my lucky shirt for first (or, in this case, second) dates. So I wore that. But I wasn’t getting so dressed up that I was gonna put on church shoes for Bridgit. I did wear a pair of Nikes, though…since I remembered the crack she’d made about them when she first called me Troy Bolton.

We had a good time that night. We liked the same kind of pizza (sausage), which I took as a good sign, and she was from Tennessee, so she liked sweet tea with her pizza. (Shoshanah never got a taste for sweet tea, even though she lived in the South for a few years. She was always ordering Sprite.) That was the first real sign that we were compatible.

She said she was going to major in English because she wanted to become a teacher. She was super smart, but, then, so was Shoshanah, so I kinda knew how to handle smart chicks by that point. The difference between Bridgit and Shoshanah was that Bridgit was in-your-face smart. She loved showing off how much she knew, although every once in a while I knew something she didn’t (I think I won nearly every Shakespeare argument we had…and there were quite a few of those), and I got the feeling she kinda liked that. So, while she may have thought she was getting a dumb jock for a boyfriend, she was getting something more than that, and I think she liked it that I sometimes could outsmart her. (I know enough about chick psychology to know that she wouldn’t have liked me if I’d outsmarted her too often. Not that it was easy to do that.)

I reckon what I’m describing here is that me and Bridgit had chemistry. And, dang, did we find that out when we went back to her room after our date. I already told you that, while I first thought she was a 6 tops, sitting next to her I got the feeling that she had ‘something’ and that she was more like an 8. Again, I reckon that’s chemistry. I’ve been with girls who looked hotter than Bridgit a lot of times, but I don’t think I ever had chemistry in bed like I did with her.

And vice versa. That much of a compliment she was willing to give me. Even if she did keep calling me ‘Troy’ for all the time we were going out.

I can assure y’all that I was no stranger to sex by the time I started going out with Bridgit, but she took that to a new level. Y’all have probably gotten the idea that I like and enjoy sex, but whatever the heck I had with Bridgit was pretty unique. I’m not sure what it was, unless I want to keep using the word ‘chemistry’ and I’m getting tired of typing it lol.

So, yeah, I’ll admit it, sex is probably the main reason why me and Bridgit were boyfriend and girlfriend for almost four months sophomore year. I liked her…I liked her a lot, actually…but it ‘s not like we had this deep emotional connection like I had with Shoshanah, or even with Maria, my girlfriend freshman year. I didn’t lose sleep over Bridgit, except when I started thinking of how I’d like to be in bed with her because the sex was so dang good.

To tell the truth, there were a lot of things about Bridgit that annoyed the fuck out of me. She never got over calling me Troy Bolton and there was always something condescending in how she treated me. She said quite a few times that I was too pretty to be smart, and she had a lot of that prejudice you see in people who think that athletes have to be dumb. Maybe I wasn’t as smart as Bridgit, but I know I’m not stupid and I know I’m not the typical dumb jock…whatever the typical dumb jock is. (I’ve been an athlete basically all my life. I’ve never met a dumb jock like people make fun of. Not every jock is smart enough to win a Nobel Prize, but Bridgit wasn’t winning no Nobel Prizes neither.) It started to get annoying, and I lost my temper a few times with her. Not like that time I walked out on Monica in the restaurant, but I did yell at Bridgit, and once did walk out of her room in the middle of the night because I was so pissed off at her.

On the other hand…that’s when I really learned what ‘angry fuck’ and ‘make-up sex’ were all about. We may not have made a great couple out of bed, but dang were we compatible between the sheets.



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