First Report on the 2019 Dodgers

Turner got a look at my blog last week and asked why I haven’t written anything about the Dodgers yet. He’s got a point. So here’s the first Dodger report courtesy your shortstop correspondent, Hunter A. W. Block.

So they started out well, then they fell into a pit, and now they’ve won 5 in a row. The pit was kinda depressing, but they dug themselves into a worse pit this time last year and still made it to the World Series. A losing streak isn’t the end of the world. They’re gonna happen. They make you turn games off early, but a few of them don’t sink the season.

I do want to warn everybody though: getting to the Fall Classic isn’t a done deal. Yes, we’re a good team. Yes, the competition in the Western Division isn’t great. But it’s still 162 games, and a lot can happen over the summer. Meemaw didn’t make it up but she says it a lot: don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Plus…I was a pretty superstitious ball player. All this talking about playing in October is just asking the baseball gods for a jinx.

And believe me y’all: there are baseball gods, and dang are they capable of jinxing a team.  The Rebels got a huge jinx my junior year in high school.

It’s awesome seeing Corey Seager back in the box and on the field. He’s lost some weight, not that he was anything like heavy before. The guys on the Dodgers channel say he’s pleased with the way his body has changed. So I guess it’s ok. But I’m not cool with how he did it. Kenley Jansen (ok, he really could have stood losing a few pounds lol) has gotten everyone into this dairy-free diet he found.

Let me get this straight, Kenley: dairy-free? As in no ice cream??

I don’t know what I’d have done if someone had made me choose between baseball and ice cream lol. A bunch of the Dodgers are making that choice (I think Justin Turner’s gone dairy free too), but, guys…c’mon…no ice cream? Nobody’s saying y’all gotta drink half a gallon of milk with breakfast, but…I keep coming back to it…no ice cream??

Didn’t y’all read about what ice cream did for my roommate Slater back in Hickory? I got him to eat a Moo-on Pie Sundae and the next day he did nothing but hit balls out of the park. Ice cream is scientifically proven to improve your game.

And Meemaw would definitely say Corey could stand with gaining 5 pounds lol.

Meanwhile Bellinger is on a sick crazy tear, and Muncy and Pederson aren’t too far behind. Oh yeah: Bellinger hasn’t ruled ice cream out of his diet.

Speaking of Bellinger and Pederson, I’m not sure what’s going on with their (with our…) black diamond necklaces. It looks like Bellinger got himself a gold chain and that Pederson was wearing his necklace during spring training now that there was no danger of him and Bellinger being gayass twinsies. (In case y’all don’t know the story, they both bought the same necklace without knowing the other had bought one. I thought the necklace was super cool and my girlfriend got me one just like it for my birthday.)

Only now it looks like Joc has a thickass gold chain of his own. (Joyce said it was “rose gold” when I found a picture to show her.) So now no one is wearing the necklace? That sucks. It’s an awesome necklace, way more original than just another boringass gold chain.

Maybe that’s better for me. Now I don’t have to worry about being twinsies with a Dodger outfielder lol. And Joyce says the necklace looks better on me than on them anyway.

So we’re off to a good start, and I’m finally off and blogging about them. There’s every reason to be optimistic about the season. With Seager, Kiké, Bellinger, Pederson, Muncy and Kershaw back in the rotation we’ve got a bunch of seriously awesome players.

Still, I ain’t counting any chickens before they hatch.


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