Now that I’m vaccinated

First up, I haven’t told y’all yet that I’ve been vaccinated. Maya arranged for a nurse to come to the house and vaccinate everybody who wanted to be – that ended up being all of us, except the boys of course. So now me, Maya, Robert, Dr. Peterson, Sandy, Belen, Ethan and the crew have our vaccines. We got the Moderna vaccine (I don’t know why that’s important but people keep asking me which vaccine I got), and we got it twice. I slept for 36 hours straight practically after the second dose, although that was better than what Sandy went through – she had a fever and chills and all kinds of shit like that. But we’re all over the shots, we’ve waited our two weeks, we’re apparently immune, and so now we can…

…basically do exactly what we were doing before we got vaccinated.

Ok, maybe not entirely. Maya’s lifted the mask rule around the house, although, we’ve gotten sloppy about that anyway. Technically, me and the boys are supposed to have masks on when they’re over at the pool house watching a movie after dinner, but in reality we haven’t been bothering about that since the bubble. Robert once came through and told us to put our masks on, so we did, since I didn’t want the boys disobeying their father, but, the next night, we were back to watching TV without masks. Since we usually have popcorn or something while we’re watching movies, the masks are lameass anyway…but don’t get me started on what’s lameass about masks and COVID and shit.

I gotta admit that I don’t get it with the vaccine: isn’t the whole point of getting vaccinated so we can finally get back to normal? I know the CDC finally said vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks, but everyone in California is still wearing them and you can’t go into a store or anything out here unless you have a lameass mask on. I really do get the feeling that someone wants us to keep wearing masks for some reason that they’re not telling us about.

I know, I know…you write about ‘they’ and everybody thinks you’re a conspiracy theorist, but I also got no idea who ‘they’ is in this case. One thing is becoming more and more apparent and scary, though: ‘they’ isn’t the President. I was taught to respect old people, but he fact is that Biden looks senile a lot of the time. Meemaw’s around his age, but you’d think she was 20 years younger than Biden. The people I talk to all have different ideas about who’s running the country, since we all agree that Biden’s an ‘empty suit’ – but whether it’s the Vice President (democrat Joyce’s and libertarian Maya’s theory), Obama (Robert’s theory) or a bunch of shadowy Big Tech Big Money (Keaton’s theory) – we all agree who it isn’t. And, if you ask me, whoever it is seems to like controlling us like they’ve been doing with COVID. (Think of all the fuckin bullshit the governor of California has been putting us through: when I talk to folks back home, they just don’t get why I’m taking care of two kids who aren’t in school.)

Maya made a great point: we kinda all look alike with masks on. If we take off our masks, we might get used to being individuals again.

And somebody clearly doesn’t want that.

Pretty fuckin scary, I know.

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