The Rest of Opening Weekend

So baseball season got off to a good start on Thursday when the Dodgers beat the Giants 8-1.

Friday night’s game showed us that Muncy can still be a monster when it comes to hitting balls out of the park (did y’all see that totally gangsterass catch one of the cutouts made on the second long ball?)…and what we kinda already knew from opening night: that the Giants pretty much suck this year. Let me put it this way: the only thing the Giants are gonna be contending for this year is last place in the NL.

I keep telling y’all about the baseball gods and hubris. I reckon Dodger fans must already taking winning for granted because on Saturday the team up and lost to the Giants 5-4. Ok, so it’s true that you’re not gonna win every game, even in a 60 game season, but the problem is that, when there are only 60 games, you can’t afford to lose too many. Look at the math this way: 162/60 = 2.7…meaning that losing 1 game in a 60 game season is the same as losing 2.7 games in a regular season.

And you can’t afford to keep losing 2.7 games to teams that suck like the Giants. It’s not exactly as though every game was a playoff game (I’ve heard people saying that about this season), but you can’t afford to say “well…we were always gonna have to lose a few” the way you can when it’s April and you drop a couple to a shitty team.

Yeah, it is still gonna happen of course, no team has every won every game, regardless of the length of the season, but one thing that’s clear about this already weirdass season is that there’s gonna be a lot less room for excuses.

Which means that there’s even less excuse for having lost to the crappyass Giants again on Sunday. And that’s exactly what the Dodgers did. It’s pretty simple: Los Doyers weren’t giving it their all, and the Giants were doing their best to win. It’s like they were determined not to lose and the Dodgers felt they didn’t have to play full-out because it was only the shittyass Giants.

So now we’ve already lost 5.4 games.

You’d think the team would know more about the baseball gods by this point. This is gonna be a totally crazyass season and nobody can predict what’s gonna happen…unless the Dodgers piss off the baseball gods again this year by expecting to win the World Series when it’s still only opening weekend.

I’m not gonna try and predict anything beyond that. But I am gonna say that I hope I’m wrong this time and that the Dodgers haven’t alienated the baseball gods already. I said they pushed their luck too much last year…and I was right.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong this year and that I’ll be able to look back on my first Dodgers blogs of the season and laugh at what a dumbass I was.

Because being right last year really sucked.


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