The Bars Close Again

I’ve told y’all that I didn’t think Keaton was going to give up his part-time job with Amazon when the bars opened up and he could get his old job at the Volcano back.

He didn’t. And it’s a good thing, too.

He, Miguel and Dani were all in their usual positions when the Volcano reopened weekend before last. (Rob wasn’t there. Nobody’s sure, but he may not be coming back to work at the bar.) The announcement was that they were going to keep the bar at limited capacity, with Keaton and Miguel responsible for letting people in…but the number of people the owners said for them to let in was way too big for proper social distancing, either inside the bar or out on the patio. (I know because I was there.)

Worse yet, the people there weren’t even trying to stay 6’ apart and a lot of them didn’t even seem to have masks. (I realize it’s hard to drink with a mask on, but I think what you’re supposed to do is put your mask back on between sips, especially if you’re talking a lot.) As usual at the Volcano a lot of the crowd was people under 30…meaning they’re my age, and they made me feel bad about it, since they either didn’t think they could get sick or didn’t care enough about other people to try and keep them safe by wearing their masks. It’s no wonder that there’s been a huge spike in COVID cases for people under 40.

Keaton didn’t have a lot to do besides growl about how they were letting in too many people. He said Miguel told him not to worry, and that got Keaton pissed off at Miguel. You’d think he’d have wanted to be more careful. Still, I told Keaton that Miguel just wanted to get paid for what he likes to do again…and no one can blame him for that.

Anyway, it’s all academic now, since, as of Sunday, the Governor (not just the mayor of LA) shut down the bars in several counties, including LA, exactly for the reasons I just laid out. He added that drunk people are less likely to be careful about social distancing…and you gotta admit he’s right about that too.

Keaton’s got his Amazon job, so he’s set…and I heard Miguel was working with a tree-trimming business (the idea of a dude Miguel’s size climbing a tree is pretty crazyass), but he wants to get back to normal as much as the rest of us do, even if he’s got an income for the time being.

Keaton’s seriously disappointed that the bar closed again. He likes working security because he likes working outside. We know he doesn’t mind getting rough when he has to, and he says it’s interesting seeing what new kind of jerkoff is gonna come into the bar.

But that’s gonna have to wait; I hope not for too long. He really tore into the punching bag in his apartment when he got the news. It’s not that he doesn’t see the need – he’s as clear on the need for social distancing as I am – but it sucks that people weren’t able to keep up with it properly so the bars can stay open.

Honestly, if you ask me, I think we have reopened the state (and the whole country – the situation back home is pretty bad as well) too soon. That’s certainly what the COVID numbers are saying. But…on the other hand…the economy was falling apart and the unemployment numbers (which include me) were pretty fuckin scary. Hard call to make. I just hope we don’t have to keep moving backwards and that most of what’s open will be able to stay open.

I do have some good news, though: my second COVID test came back negative. That’s good news all around, not least of all because Joyce decided we could…um… resume normal relations and not have to keep sitting 6’ apart on the new furniture. The only thing is that means I have to be super careful not to get exposed to the virus, although I’m still at home most of the time, and Keaton’s super careful about showering after he gets back from work and before he lets me come over for a beer.

So…everyone…be fuckin careful, will you? I mean people my age most of all, but the fact is that, the more careful we are, the sooner the crisis is going to be over. I know a lot of it sucks (I’m still working on an alternative to smiling at people), but it’s the way things are.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

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