Reopening Updates (last part)

I’ve been giving y’all news of everyone now that the quarantine is ending.  Where the Parrots are concerned, everyone working from home is still working from home, Sloppy Joe’s grandfather in the nursing home is still doing ok, and, as of this week, Dave’s back to work as a waiter. He’s super glad about that. He started a Twitter account while he was out of work and bored. His tweet when he got the word about going back had like a billion exclamation marks. So that’s awesome for him.

On the other hand, Ryan’s not back at work yet. The family that owns the restaurant where he busses tables wants to make sure that they can get enough business with social distancing before they bring him back. Ryan did tell me that they did promise to help him out with his rent even if he doesn’t come back to work right away. I told you that they really took to him…so he’s not gonna be out on the street. Of course, he’s got my and Keaton’s couches as a last resort, but everyone wants for him to be able to keep his own room at the sober living where he’s at. I haven’t seen him since the quarantine started, but I hear from him a lot, and he’s been sounding better since things started reopening.

Travis is another story. He’s up and down a lot still, although he says they’re working very hard on getting his ‘meds’ right. He says he’s comfortable where he is and doesn’t miss home…although he does complain about the food a lot. He even told me he was glad that he wasn’t home during the quarantine. I’ve only met his parents a couple of times, so I don’t really know them, but I do know that they’re very overprotective of him and like to treat him like he’s real sick and crazy…and he hates that. He knows he’s got mental health issues…and says he doesn’t need to be reminded of them every hour of every day the way his parents do. So I think he’s doing ok. Me and Keaton are gonna go see him next week. I don’t think they’re allowing visitors where he is, but we can pick him up and drive him around and maybe take him for a haircut or something. It’d be great if we could take him to a ballgame like we did last year, but, well, that’s just gonna have to wait.

As for what newlyweds were up to during the quarantine, Jacqueline, Travis’ brother’s new wife, is pregnant. So that’s some real good news for the family. I told Travis how cool my nephews are, so I think he’s looking forward to being an uncle.

Joyce says Adam and Allan really eager to get back to work, although business probably won’t pick up for them right away. They should be used to living and working together by now, but Joyce tells me that they’ve been seriously getting on each other’s nerves after being cooped up together with nowhere else to go. I’m sure it’ll help Adam that the Parrots are going to be back on the field very soon. The season’s going to pick up where it left off starting in the next couple weeks. It’s gonna be pretty weirdass playing softball in a mask, but I’ll take weirdball over no ball any day of the week.

Keaton’s coming home pretty tired from his shifts driving for Amazon, but he’s looking forward to getting back on the field too…to say nothing of going back to work with El Tigre. Still no date on that, though. Gyms have reopened, but El Tigre is still working on how to be safe when working with his clients. Softball lends itself to social distancing way more than boxing. I’m not sure, but I think Keaton’s gonna keep on working for Amazon even after he goes back to work at the bar once it opens up. I think he likes the money and having something to do with his days. He was so stir crazy before he got the job that he may not want to spend any time inside his apartment ever again lol.

The news from Santa Barbara is that Luke says he’s spent the whole quarantine in the gym Justen built for him. Justen’s been busy working and Luke says he’s dying to play bridge. He’s got this bridge game on his computer that he plays all the time, but he keeps complaining that it’s not the same thing and that he’s got to get people up there to play cards soon or he’ll go crazy. Me and Joyce are ready as soon as he thinks it’ll be safe. Justen’s apparently having a special card table built that keeps people 6’ apart. Joyce says that’s gonna mean the players are gonna need arms like that character from The Incredibles, but it’ll be fun going up there again.

I just wrote about Slater, but I realize that I never give you any updates on him. I’m afraid he spent the quarantine in Dubuque with his mom, who’s just the person I kept wanting to get him away from. He sounds ok and not like he’s regressed too bad (he’s never once said or texted the word ‘mommy’ lol)…and all he can talk about is getting to Nashville. He got promoted to AAA during the off-season, and he definitely belongs up there more than he did playing A-ball in Hickory. I just hope getting locked up with his mom hasn’t set him back too far, although he told me that he’s got the freezer full of ice cream…even if his mom doesn’t like it. That’s progress.

Speaking of AAA, I havent mentioned Sumter Henderson in ages. We’re still in touch, and he spent the quarantine with his girlfriend in Des Moines. Turns out she’s pregnant too, which is great news. They’re also gonna get married after the season (if there is a season), and they’ve already told me I’m going to be invited to the wedding. It’s kinda weird thinking of Sumter as a father, but I’m sure he’ll make a great dad.

I always leave Mrs. LaSalle for last. She’s still in her condo being super careful, and I’m still buying her groceries and leaving them on the doorstep. She said she’d invite me in for an absinthe next time I come over to deliver food…but I think I’m gonna pass on that lol.

As for me, I was able to get a haircut over the weekend, although why I didn’t wait until a weekday is a good question. I went to the Supercuts close to wehre I live. It’s nothing fancy, but they do a good job. The only problem is that I had to wait nearly an hour – that’s how many people were there. And I had an appointment, too. I reckon it’s a good time to be a hairstylist: they’re making up their business in a way that restaurants can’t. And my hair looks way better. That dude in the mirror who made fun of my hair is gone, replaced by a good-looking all-American dude with a good haircut. Dang was that overdue.

Joyce kept telling me she liked me with longer hair, but she admitted that she was lying when she saw me yesterday with my hair back in decent shape. She even ran her fingers through it. That was a first in a long time. Yeah, it felt good.

And I do have one piece of very good news: my COVID test came back negative. I know that doesn’t that I’m immune from getting it, but you do rest easier knowing you don’t have it for the time being. I recommend that eveyrone get tested. It’s pretty painless going to Dodger Stadium…even if getting a qtip shoved up your nose isnt’ the most pleasant thing in the world. Although it is pretty lameass to have to go there and not get to see a ballgame.

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