Update: Luke

I saw Luke earlier this week. He was down in LA and said he wanted to meet me for a quick dinner before driving back to Santa Barbara. He said he didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I suggested we go to the taco truck on Fair Oaks. Turns out Luke likes taco trucks but doesn’t get to eat at them very often.

(He told me that meals with Justen aren’t as formal as they were when me and Joyce were up there and the house was full of guests. Still, the cook makes them and the little Philipino dude serves them, so, even if she did make tacos – which I can’t imagine her doing – they wouldn’t be like what you get from a truck.)

That was the first time me and Luke were out in public…and maybe y’all can guess what people thought about us.

Like the two girls who were eating their tacos far enough from us to think that we couldn’t hear what they were saying. (Let me describe the two girls by saying they were the kind of girls who were going to go to a boba tea place after dinner.)

“I’m telling you they are,” one of them said. “And they’re probably totally stuck up too.”

“Maybe the one in the Dodgers hat isn’t?”

“He’s waaaay too cute to be straight.”

Both me and Luke couldn’t keep ourselves from laughing. Like we both almost shot horchata out of our noses.

I’d have let it go, but Luke didn’t want to.

“So you think we’re gay?,” he asked, turning and surprising the heck outta the girls.

“Well…er…um…” Neither one could speak.

“Can’t two good-looking buddies go out and get some tacos and talk about sports without everyone thinking they’re gay?”

By now the girls wanted to crawl into a hole and pull it in after them lol.

“Pisses me off. Doesn’t it piss you off, Hunter?”

Since I was the one with reason to get pissed off, I said “yeah, it does.”

“Oh…we’re sorry…we didn’t mean anything…,” said one of the girls.

“Yeah…we were just kidding. You two are just so…?”

“Yes?,” I asked. “What are we?”

“You’re so…so…”

“So cute.”

Luke almost snorted horchata again.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks. I didn’t know how cute I was.”

Turns out Luke can be kinda evil when he wants lol. But I felt the girls should be let off the hook. I didn’t want them going away thinking we were a pair of jerkoffs. Especially not gay jerkoffs.

So I said:

“Truth is one of us is gay and one of us is straight. Wanna guess? Guess right and we’ll buy you each a couple more tacos.”

“Don’t let the baseball cap fool you,” Luke said. “He’s the one who knows shit about sports.”

“Go on. Guess.”

“What if we guess wrong?”

“Y’all have to buy us the tacos,” I said. I don’t usually bet, but I thought Meemaw might be okay with me betting a couple tacos just this once.

They blushed and giggled a lot…but at least they didn’t look like they wanted to crawl in that hole anymore.

After whispering to each other and giggling some more they came to their decision.

They guessed right. Which is a good thing, cause I’d have been seriously pissed off if they thought I looked gayer than Luke.

So we bought them the tacos, and got some more for ourselves. Me and Luke had a good time talking to each other while we ate. The girls did say good-bye when they left to go tell their friends over boba tea with gross slimeballs in it about the two super cute guys they’d met at the taco truck.



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