Update: Keaton

There are a few things I owe y’all some updates on. Stuff’s been happening while I’ve been writing longer stories for the blog…but not everything that happens in my life is worth a 5-part post lol.

Keaton first.

We went to the Dodger game last Tuesday – the one after that crazy one that ended with those 5 straight walks and (if you can believe it) a walk-off walk. That really was fuckin nuts. I got no idea why, but at the game we were at Keaton got one of those “Doyer Dogs” they have. That’s a Dodger Dog, only with a whole mess of Mexican shit on it, like jalapenos, cheese and I think even sour cream. I had my two usual Dodger Dogs with mustard and relish…and I was fine when I got home. Keaton wasn’t lol.

The game ended with another amazing Dodgers walk-off: Bellinger’s second homer of the game. I always say that you get the same number of points for a homer that just grazes the wall as for one that ends up in the last row of the Pavilion, but that shot of Bellinger’s was the kind you deserve to get extra points for. The thing looked like it was from the last scene of a fuckin movie; it was one of the most perfect long balls I’ve ever seen. The only thing it didn’t do was hit the scoreboard and make it explode.

Bellinger’s been playing like fuckin Superman all season, so I was almost expecting something like that from him. Y’all know I think the All Star Game is totally boringass (because it is.) Bellinger’s not going to get me to watch the game…but he sure as fuck deserves to be in it.


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