World Series Game 5. It sucks.

So I guess that’s that.

The Dodgers lost the World Series.

I don’t usually get depressed, but this has me seriously bummed out. I didn’t hang out at Keaton’s after Sunday’s game and take it out on the punching bag. I didn’t even feel like another beer.

In the interviews after the game, the guys all said it sucks. (Except Brian Dozier. I’ll bet his mamaw was pleased he said stinks instead of sucks.) It sucks for us fans, too. I still wore a Dodgers hat when I went out yesterday, but it didn’t feel the way it did Friday night at Rocco’s. Then it was exciting. Now it’s just, well, kinda sad.

Maybe it’s time to go back to wearing my Smokies hat.

Y’all may remember that the Smokies lost in the championship series two years straight when I was in high school. That sucked too. Maybe worse, since, when you’re in high school, everything is so huge. It took almost a week after the Smokies lost for me to be able to talk about it, even with my best buddies. It’s only been two days, but I think I’m able to write about the Dodgers now.

Of course, I was a Smokies fan since I first heard of baseball. I’m committed to the Dodgers, but I’ve only been behind them since I moved to a market with its own MLB team.

So, yeah, it sucks. But I reckon you gotta look for positives. Or you can just sit around and think about how much it sucks, waste your day off, and watch some dumb shit on TV.

And let’s be honest:  the Red Sox played like the better team.  They kicked our asses more than we lost.

Are there any positives for the Dodgers?

I reckon the biggest one is that we made it to the World Series in the first place. 28 teams don’t get that far. I know that coming in second is still losing, but having the worst record baseball is losing a lot worse than losing the World Series is.

Or you can put it this way: we won the Pennant two years running. The Pennant is something. It’s a big something. Especially for a team that sucked at the beginning of the season. Getting from the disaster of losing Corey Seager and being 10 games below .500 to the NL championship is a big achievement that it’s worth being proud of. Sumter came to realize that when the Smokies lost the championship, but it took him a while. So I reckon the guys on the Dodgers are gonna need some time to see that too. But they probably will.

And so we will we.

The less said about Sunday’s game, the better. Once Kershaw gave up those 2 runs in the 1st, I think we all knew that the Dodgers were sunk. They didn’t give up the way they did in Game 7 last year, but I couldn’t feel them fighting hard to stay alive. I know I wasn’t sitting on the edge of the bean bag while we were getting our asses kicked with Price on the mound. We only even had one runner to strand in scoring position. (And of course we stranded him.)

And what about the Dodgers’ future? Are they going to make it to the World Series next year? Who knows. And there are some big things to settle during the off-season. There’s a dang big thing to settle by tomorrow: will Kershaw use his opt-out clause? He may not be as great as he once was, but an off-form Clayton Kershaw is still better than most pitchers on the planet. I’m also not too sure that he’s going to be too desirable a free agent, seeing how he pitched this season. So maybe he’ll stay. I hope so.

Y’all can probably guess that I can’t wait to see Manny Machado’s backside. (Did that sound gay?  It wasn’t supposed to.) It was pretty fitting that he was the last out on Sunday, and that he struck out with another of those swings that almost take you out of your shoes. Corey Seager will be back next year, and I bet he’ll be some kind of awesome after his year off.

Grandal? He probably did himself out of a job. Not that he wasn’t good this season, but it’s kinda hard to forget how bad he sucked in October. You don’t want a catcher with butterfingers. Besides, there’s Barnes (but he can’t hit to save his life) and there’s Farmer who’s good (and a Southerner) in the system. Ryu? He’s the one we gotta hold onto. I wasn’t expecting him to be as good as he was in the second half of the season and October.

And Roberts??

No comment lol.

I guess I’m also bummed because baseball season is over. Most nights during the season there’s a game to watch (I get my moneys worth with the Dodgers channel), and tonight I had to watch dumb shit on On Demand. (American Housewife is some pretty dumb shit. Olga at the store said it was hilarious. Maybe you need to be a chick. Or my family’s too normal for me to appreciate a messed up family like that lol.) Y’all must know how important baseball is to me, so y’all can probably understand how much I miss it during the off-season.

It’s a little like breaking up with your girlfriend. (Even Monica. Those first couple Friday nights without Netflix and hot sex had me bummed out too.) I mean, yeah, you know you’re going to get back together with her (baseball…not Monica) in five months, but, still, there’s a cold, lonely winter between now and then.

It’s not like there’s no sports over the winter, of course. I follow the Titans, but we can’t get the Titans on TV, and, even when we do, that’s only one day a week. You get baseball five times a week, sometimes even more. Basketball? Not my thing, maybe because I’ve always sucked at playing it. Hockey? Maybe. Monica’s evil fucked up brother is a Ducks fan, and I kinda got into them last year. I reckon I should take a look at them again.

Now that I have time, I reckon I’ll take another boxing lesson every week. Plus I do have a girlfriend, who’s been awesome these past two weeks and said she’d see me after the World Series. I’m seeing her tonight for Halloween. I have no idea what she’s got planned.

I just hope she doesn’t paint MooMoo and Numnums black. They’re scary enough without that lol.


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